The Hyundai Sonata is the first car with Android Auto

android auto hyundai sonata 4 El Hyundai Sonata serĂ¡ el primer coche con Android Auto over a year that was presented android auto ago, but not until now when it reaches the market. The Hyundai Sonata will be the first model to incorporate android auto world at the moment in the United States. The units are manufactured from now incorporate the system, but more interesting is that all 2015 Hyundai Sonata browser can be updated free of charge to enjoy android auto.

With this move shows that Hyundai may be a technological benchmark, to be first manufacturer worldwide to incorporate Android Auto in their cars. In addition to the Sonata, soon other models of the brand will receive the new infotainment system of Google. To get to Europe we will have to wait, and at the moment the first model marketed at our borders with android auto will be the Volkswagen Touran.

android auto hyundai sonata 3 El Hyundai Sonata serĂ¡ el primer coche con Android Auto

Google Maps on Android Auto Hyundai Sonata

For the moment only possible upgrade browsers, without charge, at dealerships. After the summer may be made through the website of the brand, d escargando the software on a USB skewer then inserting it into the socket of the vehicle, will begin automatically with the update. Auto Android icon on the desktop will allow us to access the application.

Auto Android offers a host of benefits to users. We presume that this is a unified multimedia software for computers, equal in this Hyundai Sonata in a Ferrari. Has intuitive and very simple through the touch screen, voice commands or the multifunction steering wheel. Right now is the most interesting to have all the information from our smartphone Android in our drive way.

Hyundai Sonata Android Auto

Android Home Screen Auto

In order to use android auto is because connect the phone via USB cable to the car. With the application open, we will have the home screen showing the next higher image. It is the home where Google Now cards with recent activity, system notifications or defined parameters, such as navigation is. At the bottom navigation bar is identified with the circle that appears in central position.

On the left is the icon Google Maps which will act as navigator with its huge database, followed by the phone function. To the right headphones corresponding to the music player Google Play, to play the music that we have stored on our smartphone. The fifth icon is the other applications, where we find my third with different functions, like Spotify or TuneIn, to name a couple of them.

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