The idea of ​​a Honda NSX Targa could not have better pint

Honda has shined her wild side with the new Honda Civic Type R and much remains to polish this side when you consider that we look forward to arrival the streets of a new Honda NSX dramatically plant and technological heart that now, today, imagine homeless in an attractive setting targa .

No rumors still in sight giving by fact or not such an alternative we ran into a recreation of in which the sporting Japanese metal forgets to mediate between heaven and head and between your V6 biturbo and our ears.

A hybrid mechanical accompanying similar size:

is easy to dream of this open-top variant, with this Honda NSX targa, as is also easy to think of this variant alleged encounter in the same mechanical twin-turbo V6 that we are in the coupe but of course, first and foremost is soon to start thinking about the arrival of this variant production when we have not even had the opportunity now to get behind his steering wheel.

Recall that for now Honda has declared an output of 550 hp for the V6 biturbo while still a big unknown details of the bulk of the rest of the mechanical hybrid that uses 3 motors electric for a set of all-wheel drive.

To learn more about Honda NSX

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