The IIHS tests the safety of muscle cars (with video)

Ford Mustang IIHS crash test Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is an organization that is dedicated to security testing in the production vehicles. Is independent of the Global EQS (includes Euro NCAP) and the NHTSA in the united States. Since some time ago, the IIHS has gone including new tests that are more demanding and has even come to think that some brands were cheating to pass their safety test.

After this short presentation, let’s see how safe are muscle cars american. Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challender and Ford Mustang submit to the crash test of this organization. All have been tested in your version V8 and with the premise that a powerful car should also be safe. We anticipate that none has obtained the recognition of Top Safety Pick (maximum score).


To achieve this it was necessary a good note in the different tests: frontal collision with a 25% of surface of impact, frontal collision with 40% of surface of impact, roof strength, side impact, effectiveness of the head restraints and safety systems for the prevention of accident. The first test is one of the toughest, known as Small Overlap Test, only a small surface facing to the collision about 64 km/h.

video is not suitable for sensitive, because that hurts to see as they tear these sports. The results give the winner the Ford Mustang, since it achieves good scores in all tests unless an ‘acceptable’ in the Small Overlap Test. The Chevrolet Camaro will not stay away, because in this test you get a good score and only fails a little in the roof strength and lack of warning of frontal collision.

The worse off coming out of these crash test the IIHS is the Dodge Challenger. Got a note lousy in the Small Overlap Test because the wheel gets in the passenger compartment and catches the foot of the dummy, so much so that they have to leave within the foot to get it out. Neither achieved the maximum score on the strength of the roof or in the effectiveness of the head restraints. In his defense we have to say that it is more veteran of the three.

Source – IIHS

Ford Mustang IIHS crash test
Chevrolet Camaro IIHS crash test
Dodge Challenger IIHS crash test

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