The immediate future of the helmets passed by a few cushions between your brain and the asphalt

Of the hand 6D (and from Xataka) comes to us an important new way in the development of the helmets, an improvement beyond the evolutions common in most resistant materials or better designs (more ergonomic, better ventilated…) have an impact on the improvement compared to brain injury, how? By incorporating in its “architecture” a series of shock absorbers.

6D apply this technology also to bicycle helmets. In the case of motorcycle helmets the starting price is 745 dollars,

Under the name of ODS, Omni Directional Suspension, 6D has presented a technology that further protect our skull from impacts, seeks to protect our brain from these violent displacements that occur in an impact mitigating angular acceleration, the leading cause of brain injuries.

According to the manufacturer these helmets have managed to reduce in some tests 80% angular velocity compared to a traditional helmet, a fact to really take into account.

The main difference between helmets from 6D and a traditional helmet modern passes by the incorporation of 54 shock absorbers, insulation, spread between two layers of expanded polystyrene.

These advances, added to the usual evolution in what material respects it may well be defining the road more immediately in the development of new helmets