The improvements to the RB13 are insufficient: “we are Still the third team”


there Was a lot of expectation about the impact that they were going to have the technical innovations introduced by all the computers in their cars and one of the most should win to get closer to their goals was to Red Bull.

But, in the absence of the qualifying and the race dictate judgment definitely, the pilots of Red Bull admit that, although the changes have worked, is not enough to join the fight for the victory at this time starring Mercedes and Ferrari.

Max Verstappen considers as positive the first day in Barcelona, and believes they have come closer to Ferrari, but not enough to stop being the third team in contention. “it Was positive, we are closer to Ferrari. Mercedes seems to have gotten a very good update also. We are still the third team, but that’s okay. I think we’re a little more excited, but we still need to work hard to have more pace in the car and in the engine”.

Daniel Ricciardo acknowledges that he has been more comfortable with the soft tyres, something that is expected taking into account the election as a conservative from Pirelli on this Great Prize. “There are many things that go very well and others in which we have yet to find how to improve. I think that with the tire half, at the beginning of the second session, we had such a bad. But we find much more with the soft. We have made progress, we need to further fine-tune”, ” said the australian before the press moved to Barcelona.

The australian has not been surprised by the timid advance of the car after the innovations introduced, and claims to be very aware that it was not reasonable to expect an improvement to put Red Bull to the level of the best. “Is to be expected, we have made some progress, but we knew that we were going to place with Mercedes. Obviously we want more, but everything is going as expected”.