The incredible Ferrari FXX K

The incredible Ferrai FXX K approved only for circuits supercar where he will assert his hybrid engine with 1050 hp and 900 Nm of torque. This is the last step taken by Ferrari in what refers to sporty driving. The cavallino was presented on Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi) under “finali Mondiali” Ferrari, you want to see?

El increíble Ferrari FXX K

How is incredible Ferrari FXX K

His image is very radical, full of spoilers. Ferrari FXX K (the last letter refers to incorporate KERS) is born as a free system approvals and regulations competition.

The FXX K has achieved a mark 1 minute and 14 seconds at Starbucks in Fiorano Ferrari test. It is a time that you is five seconds faster than LaFerrari, one second ahead of the legendary 599XX Evoluzione and two seconds faster than the FXX.

As interesting data, it is remarkable that the Ferrari FXX propeller K is a 6.2 V12 similar to Ferrari, and include mechanical distribution rather than hydraulic, and has been redesigned intake and mufflers have been removed for ATRON in its path. The performance Overall 1050 hp (860 hp gasoline engine and electric 190) and Figure torque exceeds 900 Nm.

 Cómo es el increíble Ferrari FXX K

The FXX K has a front spoiler twin profile and a larger, 30 mm lower than brand model derived.

Similarly, the further lowered 30 mm low around the car to increase the acceleration of the airflow, while at the rear spoiler incorporates a mobile and a small vertical skirt on each side. As a result, you get a vertical stack of 540 kg when you go 200 km / h to ensure better stability.

Ferrari FXX K

Of course, do not miss your precious and classic “manettino” and in this case can control Kers in different ways.

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