The IndyCar report on the design of your car 2018

In full countdown to the Indianapolis 500-Mile race, the promoter of the IndyCar Series has published the first digital images that will be the design of their cars from the season 2018. It should be noted that this is not a new car, but of the application of two new kits body universal which will be installed in the current chassis Dallara DW12 according to the circuit. These kits will come from the hand of small technical changes in the cars, between which it emphasizes the redistribution of weights to to improve the performance and efficiency of the car.

Although the first real units of the Dallara DW12 with these kits aerodynamic will not see the light until mid-summer, date in which will begin the test with these conceptual images can be seen as it has been sought to an image of ‘retro’ with a aerodynamic perhaps more simple and clean. The main objective of the new design is to keep the ‘downforce’ that generated the current kits aerodynamic, although removing part of the turbulence that hinder the rebufos and overtaking. In general, both kits aerodynamic are now more fluid and lost some attachments with respect to the current concept.


The other big change from the current format is that the kits of bodywork will be universal, so that you will not be Chevrolet and Honda -the two motorists present – be in charge of its design and manufacture. The IndyCar series will use an external provider, common to all, regardless of the propellant used. In this way, there is no difference between the aero kit, low-load that is used in the three ‘superspeedways’, in the same way that it will also be standard kit high downforce used on the ski road motorcycles and the three ovals shorts.