The Infiniti Q60 production begins in Japan

The revealed generation of coupes of Infiniti already begins to be close to your future clientele. After the disappearance of the Infiniti G37 Coupe and Cabrio comes the moment of landing of their substitutes. The new Infiniti Q60 production begins in the plant Tochigi, Japan, so that their future clients are already very close to driving a coupe as stylish and as beautiful as this.


The Infiniti Q60 is a powerful alternative to the three coupes premium German

Based on the Infiniti Q50, the Q60 is presented to us as a coupe three volumes and cut premium that will hit the market in order to compete with the models to rival the big three German brands par excellence: BMW 4 Series, Mercedes C-Class Coupe and the newly introduced new Audi A5.

In terms of design is presented as an alternative of dynamic and sporty look to the japanese postage more risky to take a breath of cooler air still to its segment. As you could appreciate in its time, the production model is very similar to the prototype that surprised us during the Detroit motor show at the beginning of the 2.015.


Your car has a high degree of quality, accuracy in settings and technology

Has a long and striated hood adorned by optical front LED. The line of the vehicle is low and broad with a profile that is very dynamic thanks to the fast-paced fall from the ceiling the characteristic C-pillar of Infiniti whose glazed surface ends in a sharp chrome gills in the front wings, tires between 19 and 20 inches unique design and a powerful behind muscular bumper, and stretched headlights.

Although not all design in this attractive coupe because on the inside you will find a selection of high-quality materials, a central console with two large digital screens to display the information and as not, the refinement and accuracy of the craftsmen Takumi that are responsible for the entire Infiniti is thoroughly inspected by a professional who seeks excellence and luxury for the details.


In particular, 216 expert craftsmen Takumi selected expressly for this purpose are responsible for giving the final touch to these vehicles before they leave the production lines. These same lines of production in which they were born mythic patterns of the asian manufacturer as the above-mentioned Infiniti G37 or sports car of Nissan: 370Z and GT-R.

The mechanical options leave a wide range of possibilities for its customers beginning with a variant of 320 HP, then introduce a block of four-cylinder turbo with 208 HP to stay as a model of access and finally, we will see a new block gasoline 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged 400 HP and 475 Nm of torque with active aerodynamic. All these versions are equipped as standard with a automatic transmission of seven relations that sends all its power exclusively to the rear axle.

We are aware of the price of the new Infiniti Q60.