The Infiniti QX30 is on fire in new spy photos

If you remember, few weeks ago we present you in exclusive the first pictures of the Infiniti QX30. To be honest it’s hard to see the difference between a Q30 and their version of the SUV, but the evidence is there, you just have to recognize them. Soon we will see it presented officially, although will be released for sale after his brother’s compact.

this is Not the first time that we see the QX30 circular in its testing phase

Returning to the evidence aesthetic, the QX30 features, such as a suspension elevated, a few headlights that are slightly modified, and some longitudinal bars of the ceiling chrome. Beyond that no one can appreciate at a glance changes or more significant details.

recently had the opportunity to attend the presentation of the Infiniti Q30. There we notice that the alliance Renault-Nissan-Daimler has been very beneficial for the brand Infiniti, since from now on will use lots of components Mercedes for the manufacture of their models.

In reality, Infiniti intends to do the same with the Q30 and QX30 that Mercedes with the A Class and GLA. Although the Q30 already look like a GLA, the truth is that they have the same height, the QX30 will be slightly higher, just a few inches to allow for a driving higher and a step easier by land of a certain complexity.

a Few aesthetic changes with respect to its twin, the Q30

Where it is not expected any surprise is in the mechanic theme. The mixture of diesel and petrol engines will be there, as well as traction, front and total. A new step for Infiniti which will shortly be updated another one of their models, the Infiniti Q60, which will make act of presence in the coming year, along with the QX30.