The Infinity Q30 escapes early


The luxury division Nissan prepares a product to compete against Audi A3 and Mercedes Class A . This is the Infinity Q30 to debut in Frankfurt, but leaked Internet soon.


Infinity Q30 2.2d 2016 E he Q30 is one of the most important developments of Infinity. It is a hatchback to be presented officially within the next Motor Show Frankfurt , which bases its aesthetic on the prototype with the same name shown long ago.

The Infiniti Q30 stepped forward to his debut in Frankfurt.

But nearly two months before its official debut, the first official photograph filtered through Internet showing little changed from the concept car. The Infiniti Q30 is a compact premium will try to battle products such as Class Mercedes, BMW 1 Series or Audi A3 and using the present architecture in Class A, which includes its own thrusters.

With this product Infiniti attempt to sneak into final form within that segment in the European market, for which it will use several options diesel engine , which in the case of this first unit shown in official photograph will be a diesel block 2.2 liters displacement.

Like what happens with the Mercedes which borrows the platform, the Infiniti will have its version crossover will take the name Infiniti QX30 . As always with this type of product, the QX30 will adopt a greater clearance bar on the roof, without trying to transform itself into an SUV, but a vehicle for urban use.





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