The interior of the BMW 5 Series, 2017 to discovered shortly before his presentation

BMW Serie 5 2017 - foto espía interior

the interior of The new BMW 5 Series 2017 completely revealed in these spy photos.

note that the presentation of the BMW 5-Series 2017 is just around the corner. And is that, if this morning we have published to the first time the latest videos that BMW has revealed by way of advance payment prior to the start of the long of the new generation of the 5 Series, and which showed us as much details of the exterior as of the interior, now we have to go back to talk about the latter. The interior of the BMW Series 5 2017.

And that is, our fellow IndianAutosBlog have got some new spy photos in which is shown fully exposed in the passenger compartment of the new BMW 5-Series. In recent months we have published in multitude of spy photos of the interior of the 5 Series in virtually all its variants and body styles. However, it has not been until now when we have been able to get a sneak look at the interior of this new model and be able to admire the interior without camouflage.

yes, as we can see in the picture spy that the head of this article, the photographed unit is still in development phase and proof of this is that we find a screen and a keyboard on the floor of the front passenger. A computer with the engineers to gather information during the testing sessions in which the pilots must analyse the behaviour of the vehicle in real conditions.

BMW Serie 5 2017 - foto espía

One of the latest spy pictures of BMW 5 Series, 2017 that we have posted in

At the design level, as we had anticipated, the interior of the new BMW 5 Series 2017 is largely influenced by its big brother, the BMW 7 Series. Both the centre console as the air vents, controls for the climate control and the centre tunnel are almost the same. And the same thing happens with the steering wheel. The feeling of quality is palpable, and that we are facing a photograph taken from the outside.

combination of leather with metal details or the screen to play the system of information and entertainment, help to create an elegant ambiance and very technological. In comparison with the current model that we can find in the dealerships the change will be remarkable.

¿When will he be presented? Though the next Thursday, October 13, will be unveiled the new BMW 5-Series, will not be until the Detroit Auto show 2017 of the month of January when we can see it live at a car show. Will go on sale in Europe early next year. Shortly after they will be introduced to the rest of the options in the range. That is to say, variant, Touring, GT and M5.