The interior of the new BMW 3 Series at the detail in these new spy photos


Dashboard totally new to the Series 3.

In the last few months we have been able to see several units of the new BMW 3 Series during their road tests, including the new generation of the BMW M3, a model that will arrive shortly after the presentation of the range regular of the sedan German.

The development of the model is already very advanced, a sure sign that your presentation is about, but until now we had not been able to see with much detail inside the new 3 Series and its dashboard, which despite having the usual elements of these prototypes already show the first developments.

The first element that attracts attention is the great landscape display that crowns the centre console, located on the stylized vents and two thin lines of knobs and buttons that control the climate control systems and audio. The screen is located at the same height as the new dashboard, digital, which we understand will feature the new interface BMW Operating System 7.0, and have rounded shapes at the ends to frame the digital dials on the screen.


final Elements already mounted.

The rest of the dashboard is well covered even with tarps, but in other images we can see more shots of the center console and the control panel next to the automatic shifter knob. In this area stick together several commands from the start button and the modes of driving up to the big knob and iDrive from BMW, which by its upper surface looks like a touchpad.

At the exterior, this unit is equipped with the latest configuration of body that we have already seen recently, with the bumpers, grille and optics final. Despite the large amount of vinyl camouflage employee , can clearly be seen the forms of these elements. For the double exhaust exit that we found in the back and huge brake discs and we think that it is a version equipped with a package M, even though it is very complex to guess.

In terms of possible filing date, it is believed that this new generation will not come this year, because the calendar of presentations of the brand is very full. The appointment most likely the next Hall of Geneva during the spring of next year.