The Israeli Aquarius presents a valveless engine or crankshaft

AquariusThe automotive industry is one of the most dynamic in the world in terms of technology and applied research to solve problems related to mobility. For this to be so, there are firms, of unknown name or associated to another type of products that is investigating how they can solve problems with the automotive sector. One of those companies is the israeli Aquarius, that has nothing to do with famous soft drink brand whose name I don’t want to remember now.

To help the automotive sector Aquarius has been designed, patented and manufactured an engine and electric generator for free piston as a solution to the problems presented by electric cars in terms of their autonomy. Thanks to this engine or generator, Aquarius provides manufacturers of electric vehicles a solution to the autonomy of their cars. With this generator you can increase the autonomy of electric cars without the batteries of their cars increase in size and weight.

Aquarius motorThis engine arises from the growing pressure that are suffering the regulations antifouling at the global level. In addition, to this problem is to add the rise in the prices of fuel by the instability that exists in the Middle East. Therefore, as electric vehicles are increasing significantly, prefigurándose as the future of the automotive sector, they have chosen to work in this direction.

The data provided by this generator are very significant. This little engine only has 600 cubic centimeters of displacement, but generates an end power of 86 hp. To create this engine with free piston, and the absence of valves and crankshaft, the brand has installed two magnets on the piston and has coated the cylinder with a winding electric, making in function of the needs of the motor is transformed into a electric generator linear.

To finish we need to warn you that manufacturers of the likes of PSA have already been interested by this prototype. Therefore, in the very near future , we could see hybrid or electric vehicles of the French manufacturer with this small engine – generator power.

Source – Aquarius