The Isuzu D-Max debuted in Paris with arguments renewed

Isuzu D-MaxIn the Paris motor show, one of the brands that noticed has happened is the japanese Isuzu. This manufacturer was founded in Japan in the year 1893 and is focused on the design and manufacture of industrial vehicles and commercial trucks, buses, bodywork and chassis), pick-ups and engines diesel. In addition, it is also present in other sectors, such as nautical and external consulting for other brands.

however, and despite the rancid pedigree that the brand has, their presence in Europe is rather sparse. The main markets in which it is present are the asian, american and african. However, little by little they are entering our continent, although perhaps the range of models with which they are trying to do may not be the most appropriate.

Isuzu D-Max interior

Currently Isuzu sold in most european markets two pick-ups. The Rodeo and D-Max are vehicles intended for the job and although, on the whole, the segment has a sales moderate, not occupy a privileged position. To do this, they have decided to launch at the Paris motor show the new generation of its pick-up largest, the D-Max.

This model has produced since the year 2002 with different modifications. This year, however, has taken a leap forward giant. Its exterior design has gained in packaging by providing a front grille more aggressive and robust. In addition, it incorporates daytime running lights by led and optical groups completely new. With respect to your silhouette, have enhanced the wheel housings and included new alloy wheels with several measures.

with Respect to its range of mechanical, has also been fully renovated. , In Europe will incorporate a new diesel engine with 1.9 liters and 164 hp. This mechanic retiring the previous diesel of 2.5 litres that do not comply with the regulations on anti-pollution Euro 6. In addition, it is available with a manual gearbox or automatic six relations.

This model will be offered with several body types. Customers can choose between a cabin, simple, extended cab or double cab. In addition, you can also choose between having traction at the front axle or to all four wheels. These possibilities will allow drag up to 3,500 kilos and to combine a maximum weight of up to 6,000 pounds.

To finish, the brand confirmed that the first units will arrive in Spain early next year. In addition, its price will be very competitive, since it will be placed between the 16,000 euros the most basic and the 31,000 euros of the version equipped.

Source – Isuzu

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Isuzu D-Max

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