The Jaguar E-Type back to life 50 years later and this is his first test (video)

The Jaguar E-Type Lightweight back to life after more than 50 years . After twelve units constructed in the early 60s, six chassis were forgotten in Jaguar ships waiting for a happy ending. Finally, in an unprecedented move and boasting of an incredible team of professionals who have brought back to life a car over 50 years without changing its specifications, the first of the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight manufactured and It has been tested in this spectacular video . This classic ’60s built in 2015 will cost more than 1.4 million , but since you anticipate that its historical value is well above that price. [1.99901 million]

50 years after 6 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight be built using traditional methods and respecting its original specifications

Imagine for a moment to become a Jaguar E-Type of the age in good condition. Its acquisition will allow you to enjoy one of the most legendary sport of motor racing history, even blessed by Enzo Ferrari himself as one of the most beautiful cars. But now think of a special version of the sport built entirely of aluminum and also meets the highest standards of quality this time and still respect each and every one of the model specifications Original .


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The Jaguar E-Type Lightweight only have a roll of 6 units , ending a production process that was incomplete at the time and left in oblivion six chassis. As explained from the Jaguar itself the challenge of building the six units in the 2015 it was not in the traditional process in itself, but in reverse engineering work that has been used in order to be faithful to the models of the time. Unfortunately, Jaguar lost the bulk of the plans and documents which appear the details of these Jaguar E-Type, so that the work of its engineers has been commendable, highlighting the creation of the propeller 3.8 six-cylinder and 340 hp from zero .

jaguar-e-type-040715-25 Best of all this craftsmanship is the goal set by Jaguar since the rationale of this project is to offer a model “halo” that makes the delights of the auctions, but put on the market a sport that is approved for competitions historic FIA face to revive the myth. Close this outstanding chapter in the history of Jaguar will cost over six lucky buyers 1.4 million , but I am not mistaken in saying that this gesture to bring back to life the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight from zero has much more value than any other supercar project by spectacular regardless of their numbers


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Source: Autocar
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[1.99901 million]

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