The Jaguar F-Type SVR wakes up to the middle of Manhattan with its spectacular sound

taking Advantage of the night in one of the most spectacular cities in the world, New York, and cutting off the traffic of one of the tunnels most recognized of the Big Apple, Park Avenue, Jaguar wants us to demonstrate how it sounds its last and most powerful jewel, the Jaguar F-Type SVR. I recommend that you go up the volume and enjoy this orgy sound as it deserves.

We are looking at the Jaguar F-Type more powerful and fast ever manufactured. It was presented at the last Geneva motor show, and since then we have been wanting to know how sound was able to pull out of their guts. The F-Type has always shown a roar spectacular, was the version that would be, but for this occasion the Jaguar has worked the area of the exhaust to achieve an effect heartbreaking and impressive.

The secret lies in a system made of titanium and Inconel, an over alloyed with respect to nickel base-chromium. In addition to this, that by itself should be enough, the sound engineers have tinkered with the computer for the Jaguar F-Type SVR will not only show your speed in the tachometer, but also the display with its unique and spectacular roar. There is no doubt that we are before one of the cars that sound best in the world.


Ready for action, ahead of 400 metres of tunnel and joy

Developed by the section of Special Operations for Jaguar, the SVR equipped with a block V8 five liter supercharged with a power output of 575 horses. Thanks to him not only has this sound so spectacular, but is also capable of reaching 320 Km/h of top speed. Obviously all this has a price at the time of checkout, because for you to get an F-Type SVR in our country you will have to pay a minimum 158.600€. Yes the music band is included in the price.