The Jaguar i-Pace of production caught during their testing


Mule in charge of developing the new frame.

The new electric Jaguar is no longer a secret. This same week, the british brand presented the spectacular i-PACE concept in the Hall of the Angels, as advancement of the new electric model of the brand, the first of its history.

Simultaneously, our photographers capture new images of one of the mules testing of the model while shooting for Spanish roads. This is not the first time that we stumble into one of the developmental prototypes of the future production version of the i-Pace 2018.

Was at the beginning of September when you were showing for the first time, a series of spy photos of one of these prototypes, which at that time was given the designation J-Pace. Like this, the new mule that have been able to capture all of our photographers has a fake exhaust outlet to mislead the curious, but after the camouflaged body of the F-Pace SUV, find the new electrical model of Jaguar.


400 CV and 500 km of autonomy.

This new mule, in addition, presents clear differences with the prototype hunted previously. On the one hand we find that Jaguar has not bothered to simulate the central grill, now hidden under the vinyl of camouflage. In the rear we find, in place of the small rear spoiler, a large flap that conceals, also under the mandatory vinyls, a part of the rear window.

On this occasion, we are faced with a mule in charge of testing the new chassis, that in the case of the future i-Pace of production soon will have to do with the racks that commonly used products of the brand.

The future i-Pace of production, like the i-PACE concept, will have its battery pack between the axles and under the passenger compartment, leaving more room for the electric motors on the same axes, in a manner very similar to that which we can find in other electric market, settings which for example, employs Tesla Motors for all its models.


will Arrive in its final version in 2018.

The brand has announced that the i-Pace will be the same
specifications of the concept, with two engines that add up to 400 HP and
a maximum torque of 700 Nm
. While the autonomy will be around
500 kilometres between charges, figures spectacular for the first
power of Jaguar, which we hope will be presented in your version
final 2018.