The Jaguar XE 2016 unveils all-wheel drive for the 2.0 d 180 ps

Jaguar XE tracción total Jaguar XE renews its range by 2016, adding more equipment, and more importantly, a new system of wheel drive. Jaguar continues to grow the offer of its smaller car, and it does so with the diesel engine sold more of their range, the 1.0 d of the family Ingenium with 180 horsepower.

The Jaguar XE debuts system of all-wheel-drive smart, a system similar to that we presented recently in the F-Pace. Comes with the wisdom extracted from Land Rover, and promotes a dynamic driving through a intelligent system that prioritizes the propulsion. Actually functions as such until the ecu detects a lack of adhrencia.

Jaguar XE tracción totalThis system works through a differential Torsen that is able to vary the input torque to each axle, including a 100% of the force at the front axle. The driver does not have to worry about anything and everything is done completely automatically. Jaguar, of course, has worked on the traction control, and stability to adapt to their new condition.

The Jaguar XE with all-wheel drive is only available, for now at least, with the engine 2.0 d diesel of 180 hp of power, which is also available with rear-wheel drive. To be associated only to the automatic 8 relations, and represents an increase in the weight of 50 kilos. If of performance we speak, there are not too many differences, being a tenth of a second slower this version due to the extra weight. The consumption itself rises more drastically, homologando an average of 4.7 l/100 km.

The Jaguar XE all-wheel drive is now available in the Spanish market, expected to reach more versions with all-wheel drive to the range, at least with mechanical gasoline. The model that we are dealing with has a price of 42.400 euros in Spain, which is almost € 3,000 more than an XE 2.0 d 180 rear-wheel-drive.

jaguar-xe-intouch-proin Addition to this improves the mechanical, the Jaguar XE 2016 is also pointed to the connectivity and technology on board. Opens the system InTouch that is going to spread across the range Jaguar. Is available in two versions, normal, with 8-inch touch screen, or the InTouch pro with screen of 10.2 inches.

Jaguar boasts its ease of use and customization, making the same functions that a tablet, including the famous widgets. Also of capabilities and response, since it works thanks to four-core processor or a SSD drive of 60 GB. InTouch Remote is also new, and allows us to control some functions remotely via a smartphone or watches smart latest batch.

Source – Jaguar

Jaguar XE InTouch Pro
Jaguar XE tracción total
Jaguar XE tracción total
Jaguar XE tracción total
Jaguar XE tracción total