The Jaguar XE already has no fear of the snow: now on sale, with all-wheel drive from 42.400 euros

The premium saloon from Jaguar is renewed slightly for the year 2016. Although aesthetically does not vary an iota of countenance, dynamic and refined, under-the-hood and in its interior there are new developments. One of the most important is the incorporation of awd to the range. For the time being and in our country is only available with the version 2.0 d Ingenium of 180 HP with automatic gearbox of eight relations, one of the most sold in Spain. Let’s see what additional changes brings us to the interesting Jaguar XE 2016.

The awd system has an operation identical to that released in the all-new Jaguar F-PACE.

The traction drive system, total and permanent works using a differential Torsen, and prioritizes the allocation of power to the rear axle, in fact, with a perfect adherence to sends all its power to the rear axle. However, the electronic software of management of Intelligent Driveline Dynamics – derived from the off-road experience of Land Rover – gets along very well with the traction control and stability, allowing the all-wheel drive system send up to 100% of the power to the front axle if the situation requires it.

is Only available with engine 2.0 turbo of 180 HP, and the automatic 8-relationships. The car is 50 kilos heavier than the same model with automatic propulsion. With a total weight 1.615 kg, is able to accelerate up to 100 km/h in 7,9 seconds, a tenth of a second slower than its twin rear-wheel drive. The average fuel consumption amounts from the 4.2 l/100 km to 4.7 l/100 km emissions of CO2 are 123 g/km, so that not free from paying Registration Tax.

This version of total traction boots 42.400 euros. Is 2.900 euro more expensive than the equivalent version of propulsion.

A tablet in the dashboard: system InTouch infotainment

Our Jaguar XE system with InTouch can work even as a WiFi hotspot if you wish.

Jaguar XE 2016 you can equip the system InTouch infotainment. Available with screens of 8 inches or 10.2 inches in your version InTouch Pro, aims to convert the center console of our car on a tablet. A technological solution that is very advanced that we saw the F-PACE is brand new, with a home screen customizable with widgets, dedicated apps, and supposedly, one of the operations more fluid in the industry, thanks to a quad-core processor and a hard disk SSD 60 GB.

Among other amenities, his application InControl Remote allow us to use our smartphone or the Apple Watch to control the car at a distance, by adjusting for example the air conditioning before they let us go up to the car or starting the engine. Even be able to open the car using only the watch. The browser informs us if we need to complete our walking route and it works even without coverage GPS, estimating our position. A team of Meridian audio to 825 watts and 17 speakers complete the huge list of options.

Source: Jaguar
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