The Jaguar XF long wheelbase will arrive in 2016


The Jaguar XF long wheelbase it puts out at the Nürburgring

Our photographers have captured the Jaguar XF LWB -long wheelbase- by performing the first test at the Nürburgring. This set of spy photos shows images of the sedan’s English a length supernatural and fitted back doors of higher dimensions. The unit I was checking it’s power dynamics are not in question despite the greater length.

Up to now, the only body-long wheelbase Jaguar was the XJ, the largest of its sedans, which by the way has a remarkable success in a global manner. However, the English have been seen as other sedans of the automobile extended but of smaller size, as for example the Audi A6 L, have begun to rebound in sales within China.

The answer is a Jaguar XF long battle that will initially be targeted specifically for sale in the asian giant, a country where these bodies have an acceptance exceptional. The executive asian give priority to that extra legroom and be able to work with comfort when you’re on your way to meetings.

At the beginning of this year came in the new Jaguar XF with a great number of new developments and technology that were at the forefront as the new modular platform constructed in aluminum, digital scorecard, and customizable, or the new system of info-entertainment InControl Touch Pro.

No date fixed yet, it is estimated that from 2016 the asian market will have all these technologies together to the luxury of the English but with more space for the squares later.