The Jaguar XKSS will return to the life through the manufacture of 9 units

Jaguar XKSS réplicaJaguar already did that with the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight and the 6 units manufactured 51 years later and now what will you do with the Jaguar XKSS. The british brand, through its division Jaguar Classic, made by hand and following the specifications and processes 9 drives in the XKSS from 1957. These units are called at replace the 9 units that were burned in the fire of the factory in Brown’s Lane on the 12th of February 1957.

Originally they were going to make 25 units of the Jaguar XKSS and, in fact, fabricated. The fire ended up with nine of them that were destined to the north american market. Now the brand reeditará the model, with nine copies that will be difficult to distinguish from the original, except that it will not have any track record in sports. With experience already gained with the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight, the new Jaguar XKSS was manufactured in the Experimental Shop of Jaguar in Warwick.

Jaguar XKSS réplicaThese nine units will be targeted to a select group of clients and collectors of the brand Jaguar, being able to say that they are already virtually assigned to their new owners, who will be able to release a Jaguar XKSS 59 years later. The price will be higher than a million pounds, near 1.300.000 euros. The first deliveries are planned for early 2017.

The Jaguar XKSS is a model that was created after the three consecutive victories in 1955, 1956 and 1957 LeMans for the Jaguar D-Type. The XKSS is a derivative of this model of competition. The 25 remaining units that were to fabricate the D-Type in 1957 were converted to the Jaguar XKSS that we now know with the intention of selling them as versions of road to high performance.

Jaguar D-Type de competiciónThe amendments sought to make of the Jaguar XKSS a car more practical, adopting a windscreen of a larger size, adding a door for the airbag and removing the interior separation between driver and passenger. Also removed the rear spoiler located behind the driver.

Source – Jaguar