The KBA approves the solution for the TDI engines from Volkswagen


Hans Dieter Pötsch, and Matthias Müller, on the 10th of December at a press conference

8.5 million engines TDI CR family EA189 will be fully legal after the solution proposed by the manufacturer, and accepted by the German authorities. Are affected engines of the brands Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda, all of them on the european continent. Only in Spain there are nearly 700,000 affected.

2.0 TDI CR will be reviewed in the first place, from the first quarter, 1.2 TDI CR at the end of the second quarter. Just need a reprogramming of the ecu that will need to 30 minutes of the workshop. No mechanical change, hence the brevity of the operation.

from the third quarter, will be called to review the 1.6 TDI CR. The operation takes less than an hour, in addition to the reprogramming, a filter is installed to reduce turbulence in the intake duct. This allows for a more accurate reading of the air sensor, so that the combustion is more complete and accurate.

According to the manufacturer, “after the measures have been implemented, the vehicles will meet the emissions standards corresponding” -Euro 5- “with the objective of achieving this without any pushback in terms of power, fuel consumption or performance”. In other words, that the consumer will not notice the difference. No one has yet proven that that is going to be as well.

are There which accept the technical solution without more?

In the next few weeks you will begin to notify owners to perform these reviews. However, we must not lose sight of the detail legal with a view to possible compensation.

According to Legálitas, it is recommended not to repair the car power to condition the right to claim damages, and keep any communication received as future proof. When in doubt, those affected should seek the advice of your attorney.