The key of the domain of Mercedes: the engine and the slow corners


One of the great debates of the season is still the
rivalry between Mercedes and Red Bull and, to what extent, the propellant
of the germans allows them to be the reference in the grill. Red Bull claims that its chassis is at the best level, and could even
to be the best, while Mercedes calls for a car full and
brilliant in all aspects as the basis of your success. What is certain is
that, after the information published by Auto Motor und Sport, both
statements can be as valid

The average German has had access to the GPS data of the
laps in qualifying with Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the
Grand Prix of Great Britain held in Silvertone, as well as to the
Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo at the Hungaroring. The first is a
fast track and filled with fast curves, in which the
aerodynamics is vital
, but also has sections slow
traction and mechanical grip have their role to play.


Flat of Silverstone in the that you can see the comparison of top speed in each zone, conducted by Auto Motor und Sport.

the Hungaroring is, in a similar way, but with an average speed much lower than. The Hungarian circuit has many curves of long radius at which the aerodynamic influence, but its lower speed minimizes in some way the role of the same in the total of the return and, together with the scarce straight, enables teams to adopt a high downforce configuration even at the risk of penalizing the tip speed

After analyzing all the data, you can come to the conclusion
Mercedes has remarkable advantage in the second half of the
straight, when it enters into force, the part hybrid of the propellant

-energy recovery system kinetic (MGU-K) and energy recovery system
heat (MGU-H)-, allowing Hamilton and Rosberg to have a
plus top speed. On the contrary, both the Red Bull as the
Renault hold up very well in the initial acceleration, demonstrating
that, both in traction and in power initial, have nothing to
envy of their competitors


The data of the telemetry extracted from the GPS leave a clear supremacy of the Mercedes at high speed, the engine stretched a bit more than the Renault of Red Bull. He also manages to maintain more speed in the slow corners, recovering the single-seater austrian a part in the fast corners. Photo: Auto Motor und Sport.

Another of the conclusions that we draw from the excellent work
conducted by Auto Motor und Sport is that Red Bull has a
set chassis-aerodynamics superior to the Mercedes in the curves
medium and high speed
, something that can be seen very well in Becketts,
Chapel and Stowe, three turns, fast Silverstone in that
Verstappen recovers the lost speed with Hamilton and even
to make the pass to the output of the same. Mercedes, in contrast, account
with an excellent mechanical grip at low speed
, getting
greater speed relative to Red Bull in the slow corners.

In short, each one has their strong points and both have
with a set bright in all aspects, Mercedes accompanies
an excellent chassis with an engine upper, while Red Bull squeeze
a single seater something better worked aerodynamically
. A duel that,
confirmation of the ascending line initiated by Renault, promises to be
fantastic 2017.