The key to obtaining the longest life of a tire

Neumático durability is a very important factor when choosing a tire, and really, it is one of the characteristics in which more emphasis put on customers. It is easy: If a tire lasts longer, will have to replace it later, so that at the end of the useful life of our car and thousands of miles, we could save a set of tyres, with the economic savings that this implies.

But if we talk about the durability of the tires, we not only look at the tire itself. Drivers can do a lot for get the longest life from the tires of our car, paying attention to the maintenance of the tire and taking a number of precautions in the driving. There will be, however, factors that we cannot control as easily, such as the climate or the environment, factors of great influence on the health of a tire.

Durabilidad Norauto Prevensys 3The compounds of the tires every time evolve more and not just offer the best features of grip, but improve its durability. In this aspect, a clear example is the evolution achieved by Norauto, as a manufacturer of tires 20 years innovating and improving its products. Tires Norauto Prevensys 3 are the most technically advanced manufactured by Norauto and in addition achieve a durability between a 11 and a 19% higher to its predecessors. But it is useless to resort to a tire with good duration and if we do not have in mind the following tips:

How to keep a tire to last more time

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very Important to monitor the tire pressure

Technically a tire is worn out and it is not legal to circular when it reaches its witnesses wear indicators or the tread of the tread has a depth of less than 1.6 mm, the legal minimum. The recommended minimum is 3 mm But there may be wear irregular, breaks, dents, or other defects that will have to change our wheels ahead of time. There are tires, such as Norauto Prevensys 3, which include witnesses wear of 3 mm and a 1.6 mm; when reaching the first it is advisable to change the tyre, with the seconds is obligatory.

For our tire to last longer, and with health, the first will be to always maintain the pressures indicated by the manufacturer of our car. It is a theme that is very recurrent, but it is of vital importance to check them at least once a month. Each time we change tires, especially if we wear irregular, it is interesting to make a lined full car, to make sure that you step on. Not to be the dimensions of the suspension and steering on their optimal values, the wear of a tire could be very premature, and the dimensions of alignment could have a negative influence on the behavior and the safety of our car. The tires Prevensys 3 of Norauto include a curious indicator of wear and defects of geometry.

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The way of driving has a direct impact on the life of the tire

is Also important take care when parking, avoiding rubbing the tire on curbs, trying not to leave the car supported on the wheels against a curb, and trying not to climb kerbs. These bad habits can lead to breakage of the housing internal to the tire, which will endanger our security and we will be forced to change the tire, regardless of its state of wear.

Our driving also influences the wear and the useful life of the tires. If we are aggressive driving, with strong acceleration, sudden braking and take corners at more speed, the tire wear will accelerate. There are also a number of factors over which we may not do anything, as the state of the firm, the tours by the travel or by atmospheric agents, such as air temperature, humidity, light and other contaminants that may impair the durability of our tire.

Storage of tires, key to last a long time

Almacenamiento neumáticosIf we were used to rotate different sets of tires for our car, with summer tires and winter, for example, store them properly is very important. The tires shall be protected from sunlight and moisture. If we keep only the tires, without tires, must be arranged in row one after the other, resting on the tread. Each month approximately should rotate them so they are not resting on the same point, and this might lead to deformations.

If, on the contrary, we store the tires with rims mounted, these could be hung, without direct contact of the tyre with another surface, or stacked one on top of another. Also, you should not spend all its storage period in the same position.