The keys of the #TEST8 of the Citroen C3 WRC 2017

IN the wake of the Rally RACC Catalunya, Citroën Racing has decided to stay in Spain for the celebration of the #TEST8 the Citroën C3 WRC. Although we have already commented above the work of the French team, what is certain is that the test performed in Huelva has left some clues that it is worth analyzing, every time that the World Rally Car galo has shown a number of innovations in its design. With a behavior increasingly optimal, Kris Meeke and Craig Breen have been put at the controls of the Citroen C3 WRC, evidence that has not been able to complete yet Stéphane Lefebvre, although it will be in Wales.

At the technical level, the Citroën C3 WRC 2017 presents remarkable changes, more, if possible, when you are not able to see images of the #TEST7 in conditions. All in all, Citroën Racing has not lost time and has built quite a few developments in their World Rally Car. Without going more far, in his front the C3 WRC premieres a new splitter and a rear bumper with aerodynamic devices at their endpoints, while the intake-air main and the auxiliary are now drawn in the same plane lower. For his part, the wheel arches are new ways, perhaps more rounded than the initial.


One of the changes that most calls the attention is the design of the
, every time that the jump between the front and rear doors
introduces a change in width remarkable. It should be remembered that the doors
rear will not be useful and iran set to win in stiffness, so
this fact allows a design change to play with the flow
aerodynamic. Finally, the rear spoiler has mutated completely and
now features a design with two levels
, in addition to a few supports
side with a angle a lot more aggressive and a marked drop.

margin of the technical part, the #TEST8 of the Citroen C3 WRC has served
to confirm once and for all, the total stake of Citroën Racing
for its new World Rally Car, to such an extent that in parallel
French firm has put an end to all your formulas of promoting
. With the
the contract of the JWRC to expire, Citroën puts an end to the
cup of promotion in France and in WRC. The brand does not leave you hanging
their customers and to the winners who have already promised prizes
competitive, but Citroën will be limited to provide technical support -spare parts- to the different

The grinta della nuova #Citroen C3 #wrc Plus
— Andrea PR Nicoli (@APRNicoli) October 21, 2016