The keys to the Lexus LC 500h: The hybrid coupe japanese to detail

Las claves del Lexus LC 500h

The new Lexus LC 500h is already a reality, the ultimate supercar of mechanical hybrid developed by Lexus debuted recently at the Geneva motor show 2016, although it must be said that quite before, in were the first to see him in Spain because we hunt in full session of filming a commercial video in the Region of Murcia. Having left to spend a few days to assimilate this new bet of a Lexus, we want to delve into their most important aspects.

You have the most important keys of the new Lexus LC 500h. A model of high performance, state of the art design and mechanics of last generation that oozes radicalism and sportsmanship by all of its pores. It is clear that the new LC 500h (that has not yet reached the market) has all the ballots to leave their particular mark in a niche market so elitist that today, few manufacturers have managed to stay up there.

To do this, this model combines a few finished care until the minimum detail, one mechanical that throws almost 360 horsepower. Have nothing to envy to their brother of traditional mechanical. In addition, it keeps several aces under the sleeve as well will be detailed along the following points.

Lexus LC 500h

A design that combines sportiness with elegance japanese.

A mechanical that opens system MSHS

In the bowels of the Lexus LC 500h will find a hybrid system of a new developed named MSHS (Multi Stage Hybrid System) composed of an internal combustion engine V6 of 3.5 liters of gasoline-based develops 299 HP at 6,600 rpm and 348 Nm of torque, while on the other, has a small electric motor with a maximum output power of 60 HP. combined, the LC 500h Lexus is able to shed 359 HP.

The system is connected to a new gearbox four-speed automatic. It is a new transmission that Lexus has developed specifically for their hybrid models. With this mechanism, the Lexus LC 500h will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. Some figures that put it at the height of the LC with the V8 engine. In terms of the lithium battery has been installed just behind the backs of the back seats.

By the way, this hybrid system will be used by Lexus in their next models of high performance. What’s more, I’ll see you in the new generation of the Lexus LS, while better let’s go back to discuss the details of the model that concerns us.

Lexus LC 500h

The Lexus LC 500h makes use of a hybrid system of new development.

An avant-garde design

Its sharp and marked lines, they get a silhouette with a large presence. A model that will not leave you indifferent. As you look from the angle you look at it, the new Lexus LC 500h is able to transmit his deep character. Gone are the times offer a look relaxed and luxurious. Lexus has known how to combine the exclusivity of their designs with a few of the ways that we can hardly forget.

If we compare it with its namesake with a V8 engine, the truth is that the hybrid variant is barely present changes. Not to say that the only variation that we find are the emblems 500h. Its attractive to the couple that marked figure coupé manages to captivate with its look-based triple LED in their optical. Other items that we cannot leave to a side of its design is the front grill and the spoiler are active located in the behind.

in Addition, Lexus knows how to put the icing on the cake to base a few 20-inch wheels of series, while we could optionally opt for some 21-inch forged aluminum. All this with a design that exudes the essence of Lexus.

Lexus LC 500h

In comparison with the LC, the hybrid variant features no cosmetic changes.

The technological equipment focused on the safety and comfort

If we analyse the technology and the equipment that we have, we find a provision that conveys the quality and safety of Lexus. Some systems and equipment that make us the life more comfortable if we have the idea of using this coupe as a head coach in the day-to-day. Among other systems, the account number with the Pre-Crash Safety (PCS) with a function to detect pedestrians, or the warning of involuntary change of track (LKA).

in Addition, these active safety systems, you must also add as many others as the adaptive cruise control (available at any speed) or the lighting system automatic high beam (AHB). In short, an endowment of series that

An environment focused on the driver

Many of the rivals that you will have to deal with the new LC 500h have a cabin which, while they are focused on conveying the increased sense of exclusivity, sportiness and luxury, the truth is that in the case of the latest creation of the Lexus, we find an interior that has been designed designed exclusively in the conductor. All the elements as well as layout of the different controls are focused on the driver.

Lexus LC 500h - interior

When we get down to the controls for the LC 500h, we will feel that we have everything under control.

Both the position of the driver himself as the layout of the center console and the screen on which is reproduced the system of info-entertainment of the company are not casual. When we get down to the controls of this coupe a high-performance, we will have the feeling of having everything under control. Only you will be you, the road, and this beast hybrid on wheels.