The KH-7 Epsilon Team is looking for repeat success in the Dakar 2017


Jordi Juvanteny, Jose Luis Criado and Enric González are the best example of the attraction that the Dakar has, above all, one dispute. With nearly 70 edits to their backs, these are three corsairs of the wilderness facing his fourth participation together in the MAN truck of the KH-7 Epsilon Team. A formation that comes to raid more hard of the world with the aim of repeat the triumph between the trucks 6×6 and in the category of Production. A challenge that all of them will have a MAN that has won nearly 150 horse power and is much more effective.

Jordi Juvanteny returns to take the reins of the team, facing the Dakar with 13 wins in the category of 6×6. In this aspect, Juvanteny, with its 24 entries in the Dakar exercises guide a computer which retrieves to Enric González to the cause, after tackling the last Dakar with only two people in the cabin. A perfect complement to Juvanteny and Raised, competing states since 1995. The communion existing among the members of the team is clear thanks to the spirit that offers a Jose Luis Criado, which is kept as the Spanish with more entries, a total of 26.

pilot, co-Pilot and mechanic know that you are facing one of the editions of the Dakar toughest of the last decade, especially for the stages at high altitude and the changes that have been made in terms of navigation. All in all, the team KH-7 Epsilon Team has worked intensively to give the MAN truck with 150 extra horses, power that will allow them to match their more direct rivals and overcome with greater solvency the stages more complex. As is tradition, the truck of KH-7 Epsilon Team will perform the tasks of rapid assistance Team De Rooy, work compaginarán with the search for a new title in the categories of 6×6 and production.