The Kia GT shows its skills in a teaser for the Nürburgring to 244 km/h

Kia GT Teaser

Kia already has in its range with a compact sporty as the Kia Pro_cee’d GT; a alternative dynamic based on its three-door body with a unique image and a propellant which yields 204 CV. However, this seems little and soon will launch a model that is more sporty, with a body saloon coupe, the Kia GT. This will come in 2017 and the brand in south korea already wants to whet our appetite with the teaser video that we leave you below.

In this video teaser we can see some scenes in which the future model wheel by the mythical German circuit of Nürburgring at high speed, a detail that makes clear the intentions sports that Kia is preparing. Unfortunately, the car firm does not let see the body of the model in question, nor any hypothetical lap time in the “green hell”, but yes displays the speed that arrives to mark the speedometer and is not exactly low.

According to the teaser, these scenes were made in the past month of September. The instrument cluster includes a tachometer whose red zone begins at 6500 rpm, but what is more important is the speed that you get to see on the box of watches. Nothing less than 244 km/h, and it seems that you still could give something more of himself, though not too much since the maximum amount of speed that collects the box is 260 km/h.

According to the rumors that came to light with enough force a few months ago, the Kia GT will have propulsion back, while the engine used would be a tetracilíndrico of more than 300 HP. The brand in south korea makes sense that soon we will see some teaser more and that its formal disclosure will take place in early January. Surely, its first public presentation to be in the first Car show of the year, the Salon de Detroit. We are aware of.