The Kia Niro 2016 can be seen again in its testing phase

Each time is less for the arrival of a new SUV to the european market: the Kia Niro 2016. This continues your stage of testing, a period that will conclude in a few months when it will be officially presented, probably at the Geneva motor show next year. A new bet of Kia for the market is more booming.


The Niro has been discovered once more rolling down the roads of the south of Europe

The Korean company has recently renovated the fleet of SUV that is available. Both the Sorento as Sportage have been renewed. Both with a design very different from each other, something that will be extensible to the Niro 2016, which as we can see in the pictures look like a lot of the Kia KX3, which already is marketed in other markets as the chinese.

The Niro will come to Europe with a look very similar, but not with the same mechanics. Everything indicates that the hybridization will be the main bet of this new crossover. A risky bet given that to date, Kia has no hybrid in the european market. Only the Kia Soul EV shows a configuration similar.

Of this last will leverage a large part of the mechanical, while that of the refreshed Kia cee’d will borrow the chassis, and a handful of components and systems. Is estimated that its length is placed approximately 4.3 metres, a little above the already named Soul, and a little below the Kia Sportage.


The hybrid versions will be the big bet for the Niro

As we have already said, your presentation will not be until the month of march, at the Geneva motor show 2016. However the marketing will not begin until the summer. It is from there when you have to face other competitors in the segment, as the Peugeot 2008, Renault Capture and the bossy one of the group: the Nissan Juke.