The Kia Niro from coast to coast of the united States with a consumption of 3.07 l/100km

Prueba Kia Niro híbrido

Kia Niro is the first SUV hybrid the hyundai brand. A few months ago we were able to try it out and found that the consumption would be one of its main advantages. Now they have decided to make it clear making a trip coast to coast of the united States. A route of 6,000 miles between Los Angeles and New York that finished with a consumption of 3.07 l/100km and that has served them to beat a record.

The feat has been carried out by the pilot Wayne Gerdes (Carlsbad, California) and by the co-pilot Robert Winger (Williamsburg, Virginia). Managed to cross the united States from west to east, spending only 4,1 fuel tanks. To give you an idea, the tank of the Kia Niro has a capacity of 45 liters, so the total expenditure was exactly 186,3 liters of gasoline.

Kia Niro récord consumo

As stated at the beginning, these figures have earned him to made with a Guinness World Record, by taking the average of the lowest on record, with a hybrid car driving from coast to coast of the united States. Orth Hedrick, vice-president and planner of product of Kia, stated that his “goal was to create a vehicle that was really helpful, with a great presence and a fantastic consumption per kilometre”.

The Kia Niro is a compact crossover that used thruster 1.6 HEV, which unites a petrol 1.6 GDi Atkinson cycle and 105 HP, with another electric motor. In total, there are 141 HP and consumption approved it remains at 3.8 l/100 km with a rim of 16 inches. Another of the highlights of the hybrid will be a full equipment that includes the latest in infotainment, and a multitude of driving aids.

Source – Kia