The KIA Niro will be unveiled in Chicago


The new KIA Niro will be unveiled at the Salon of Chicago, in February

KIA launched a couple of more pictures that we pre-empt the Niro at the same time that it announces that it will be revealed in the coming month of February. The Salon Chicago is the event chosen by the koreans to give to know the first hybrid of the brand, which they called HUV.

Less than 90 g/km of CO2 on the new European Driving Cycle

Designed by the design centers of KIA in California (USA) and Namyang (Korea), the KIA Niro looks very sporty and versatile in a body style SUV of compact dimensions. Unmistakable will be your main grille design, Tiger Nose, while at the back we find optical LED technology.

Designed and presented in the U.S. we think that it is a model that is only sold there and in Korea, but what is certain is that KIA speaks of it as a global model so that you will reach the old continent.


The Niro debuts propellant gasoline-electric hybrid and platform

According to the manufacturer, it has a hybrid drive system especially dedicated for the new model, and mounted on a platform of new development for eco-friendly vehicles. We do not know to what extent this KIA Niro will have to do with the Hyundai Ioniq, the rival Korean for the Toyota Prius in its hybrid version.

The first official data show that the emissions of your vehicle gasoline-electric hybrid will below 90 g/km of CO2. These measurements are based on computations on the new European Driving Cycle, one that promises fuel consumption figures homologated more real.