The Kia Optima loses his hat at the SEMA Show

The Kia Optima has just been newly renovated, and is a key piece in the range of Kia during the next few years in the us market, still a big fan of the sedans traditional. In the SEMA Show the koreans have un Optima called A1A. It is inspired by the highway A1A of Florida, and pays tribute to the culture car convertible of the state is wetter and southern parts of the united States. Simply, have removed the roof to a Optima and I have installed a few improvements worthy of mention.

Kia pays tribute in the SEMA to different cultures racing in the united States.

The Forte Koup Mud Blogger was only the first of several unique cars that Kia brings to the SEMA. This Kia Optima has been heading, and it is now a convertible four-door. Their rear doors open suicide, forward instead of backward. Its blue paint electrifying is accompanied by four tires on chrome in no less than 20 inches in diameter and an suspension lowered, based on new coilovers signed by Ksport.

in order not To lose rigidity, several tubes of steel have been installed in the body of the Kia Optima, invisible to the eye. These reinforcements they weigh, so that Kia has opted for its Optima more powerful, equipped with a engine 2.0 turbo 245 HP, a propellant forceful associated to an automatic gearbox. In the interior of the car is yet to be known – there are sports seats and a central console exclusive. In a few days we will see its appearance when complete.

Source: Autoblog
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