The Kia Optima Sportswagon 2017, is passed to the tests of winter

for the past few weeks we have the opportunity to get to know the new Kia Optima. The only sedan of the hyundai brand has been renovated almost in its entirety to continue to be one of the bets of the segment D. To a range fairly complete, within a few months will be added to the variant family, the Kia Optima Sportwagon 2017.


The Optima will grow slightly in its variant Sportwagon, around five meters long

Although it is not the first time that we see it, two weeks ago we caught coming out of the facilities of Kia in Germany. On this occasion we had the chance of seeing it during a test winter made in the north of Europe. Note that Kia has thought of the european public to develop the new Optima, and all variants of the same.

as can be seen in the images, the variant Sportwagon will have the same design elements that the Optima sedan. Despite the high content in camouflage, we can guess easily that at least the front barely undergo changes design. Another thing is the rear that will be modified obviously by the extension of the body.

As good ranchera, should have a cargo space of over 500 litres. All of this without that Kia change a single centimeter of distance between the axes, although what will change, obviously, is the total length of the car. Because, if the Optimal normal reaches of 4.85 metres, it would not be anything strange to see that the Sportwagon ronde five.


The rear will be the section that most changes, required by the extension of the body

Where there will not be variations of any kind is in the interior, beyond the increased load capacity, and the technology on board and in the mechanics. Will offer the same engines that the Optima saloon, with same power and same finishes. By the time we know that you will see the light along this year, and that will start your marketing as the model of the 2017.