The Kia Optima Sportswagon will be presented in 2016


The Kia Optima Sportswagon prepares for its debut next year

KIA Optima Sportswagon is captured for the first time by our photographers. The family version of the sedan asian middle visit our section of spy photos to prove that their development is very advanced, waiting to be presented officially over 2016.

The thick camouflage don’t get misled. What little that allows us to see is more than enough to imagine her with a behind modified from the C-pillar back is similar to the prototype KIA Sportspace Concept, along with the same front of the KIA Optima that is sold in Europe.

The new body would have a increased carrying capacity for the boot which is additionally facilitated by a the great gate access. In your cabin you will find diverse solutions for balancing work and family in our vehicle, as well as various cargo compartments of small size distributed by this.


The KIA Optima Sportswagon combines practicality and sportiness

comply with all of this, you will have a look very sporty in spite of its familial nature. A balance between practicality and emotion that will not prevent us from enjoying the vehicle even if you are travelling with the entire family.

Your offer engines and transmissions waiting to be transplanted directly from the saloon, and we even expect a variant hybrid plug-in for later. The information coming to us suggests that we may see the KIA Optima Sporswagon presented officially at the next Geneva motor show in 2016.