The KIA Picanto 2017 reveals its interior in these spy photos


The KIA Picanto 2017 revealed its all-new interior

The KIA Picanto is once again the center of our gaze. The utilitarian Korean new generation is preparing for its launch into the market as model 2017. In this new set of images, we return to the bump with the vehicle, this time in the harsh trials of winter as it comes to be a constant in these dates in our section of spy photos, but on this occasion we know new details.

A cockpit streamlined and of higher quality

The camouflage of these units is similar to that of the first time that we saw the tiny KIA, however on this occasion he has allowed his cabin to be captured by our photographers. So we discovered a new three-spoke steering wheel look more sporty, multi-function and leather-wrapped, after this you will find a box of tools that seems to abandon the format of the triple sphere to present a design of a two spheres with a digital display between them.

Continuing with the dashboard, we notice that the center console is simplified removing the digital display module of the air conditioning, as well as the outputs of the ventilation is unite and on them are concealed under the vinyl for a new touch screen to the system mulitmedia or a new module for the sound.


The units are equipped with a upholstery mixed leather and fabric, which gives us to understand that these are versions of high-end, however, the panels of the doors are not yet completed in these units. The passenger compartment has gained something of a presence with new materials, and simplified design.

Other details reveal that they are testing how they behave under the engines of three-cylinder 1.0-litre cubicaje and the operation of the both manual and automatic transmissions to sub-zero temperatures.

The images allow us to take a look at both rows of seats, the engine bay and even the trunk, the occasion on which I have taken advantage of our photographers to get a clearer picture of the new optical LED tail.