The Kia Proceed made her debut as a prototype and the launch of the format body shooting brake

The Kia Proceed Concept allows us to see the future of the DNA of the models of the hyundai brand, and especially to which addresses the design of the next generation of the Kia cee’d is already in development.

Lfter having aired the first imagebes a few days ago, now the Kia Proceed Concept had its debut in the Frankfurt Auto show 2017.

this Is a conceptual work that meets the dual purpose of introduce a format of body unheard of for the signature south Korean, at the same time it teaches us a foretaste of the next-generation Kia cee’d that is already in development.

The Proceed debuts a format body Shooting Brake, a concept of aspect well sports although family court, which has been developed in the design centre that the brand has mounted in the city of Frankfurt, from where we have been involved with all of the newest models of Kia, designed to meet the taste and the needs of the customers from Europe.

Highlights its front in which we find a grill with the already known design “tiger nose”, headlights main feature in your interior with the daytime running lights for LEDs and and a front bumper that integrates a generous air inlets.

With a few overhangs quite short, another feature of its design is related to the absence of B-pillars and alloy wheels of 20 inches.

Its outward appearance is very athletic, with a refined design and a format of the body-unusual in the market. If the inside is attractive, the interior is even more so, with a design very elaborate, four seats individuadles lined in a synthetic fibre called Elastane that is lowered by hand, in addition to finishes and materials of excellent quality, with some elements in aluminum and other carbon fiber.

in Addition has a box of instruments and a system of information and entertainment that change color according to the driving mode selected by the driver. In Eco mode the colour is green, while in the mode > change to red, at the same time that the select driving autonomous the light is white.