The Kit R4 of Oreca, in the hands of Sarrazin, Astier and Suninen


The project of the Kit R4 of the FIA continues on its course to the hand of Oreca, the prepared, appointed by the governing body for the evolution, development and subsequent sale of the kit which will give the possibility to any team to prepare your own vehicle rally with a cost really content. For the first dynamic test of this Kit R4, Oreca has been chosen as test pilots to Stéphane Sarrazin, Raphaël Astier and Teemu Suninen. All of them have a great relationship with Oreca and extensive experience in the world of the rallies that will allow them to have a critical look.

Oreca doesn’t want to leave anything to chance before the marketing of the Kit R4 who will use the equipment for the compliance of their own vehicles. In this aspect, the brand has turned to the three pilots of ‘home’ to do the relevant test. The first is Stéphane Sarrazin, a pilot who competes in the WEC and in Formula E, but it also has its own team of rallies with the support of the own Oreca. His background as a pilot development, a task that has already been done with the Toyota Yaris WRC TMG that never came to competition you do have a perfect profile. 25 years of competition, endorses him.

the second of The pilots chosen is Raphaël Astier, winner of the Cup of France Rally. It is one of the young talents of the school rally’s French and has experience in vehicles as diverse as a Porsche 911 GT, or a Peugeot 208 R2. This is one of the drivers that exert ambassadors of Oreca for several years. Finally, Teemu Suninen will also form part of this project. After competing with Oreca in 2015 and 2016, the finn is now part of team M-Sport where he has alternated shares with Fiesta R5 and with the Fiesta RS WRC new generation.