The Lada Vesta TC1 will continue to be on the grid of the WTCC


Lada Sport left the WTCC at the end of the season 2016 and although the official project of the brand Russian will not return for the moment to the World of passenger Cars, pt would appear that the Lada Vesta TC1 will have your hole in the grill of the championship. Well at least it explains ‘TouringCarTimes’, every time that there is an agreement between Eurosport Events and Viktor Shapovalov, Director of the Computer that has underpinned the project officer of Lada in the contest, to which several units of the Vesta TC1 to be able to compete in 2017 under a private structure, just like what happened with the team in 2008 under the name of Russian Bears Racing.

The option to see the Lada Vesta TC1 in grill comes from the hand of a private effort will not count with the support of Lada as a manufacturer and not with the investment of the state oil company Russian Rosneft as a sponsor. That means that it will be a project, more humble, and that breaks with all the ingredients of efforts of the Lada Sport, also at the level of pilots. In fact, it is understood that the alignment of pilots there will be no trace of Gabriele Tarquini and Nicky Catsburg, while the option of Hugo Valente also does not seem tangible at this time.

In the absence of to confirm the number of Lada Vesta TC1, which will be put in liza, without a doubt, the agreement with Viktor Shapovalov is all a breath of fresh air to the organizer WTCC in its claims of face-to-2017 that they have a grill at least 16 cars specifications TC1, to which will be added within the category WTCC2 vehicles features TCR. In this aspect, the presence of the official teams of Honda and Volvo, the various private efforts with the Citroën C-Elysée and Chevrolet RML Cruze and this project around the Lada Vesta TC1 should be enough to get the magic number.