The Lada XCode Concept seen from all angles

Lada XCode Concept frontalThe other day we were doing echo the first teaser of the Lada XCode Concept. Well, with the opening of the Hall of Moscow, the signature Russian Lada has already presented the image that will be your new all-way compact. The new Lada XCode, the Concept has been one of the main novelties of the living room Russian, and it is not surprising that this has been as well. The signature of Russian, belonging to the Renault-Nissan Alliance, in the recent years is enhancing its range of products leaps and bounds, and this is the model which will was missing to put the icing on the cake.

On an aesthetic level, as we were talking the other day, we do not get any surprises. Holds in a larger format the basic forms of the Lada XRay spiced up with elements of the whole concept. Items that will lose by the way for the cost of their manufacture is negligible. An element that the signature Russian is improving is the customization of their products, and with the Lada XCode Concept we can see how the roof, the mirrors and the alloy wheels take up new colors to contrast with the bodywork.

Lada XCode Concept traseraThe main element that will make a difference to the Lada XCode production compared to its smaller brother, the Lada XRay, will be the system of all-wheel drive 4×4. However, the drive system will not be standard across the range. The brand has already informed you that will be optional, depending on the engine chosen by the client. However, Lada still neither confirms nor denies the range mechanics that will encourage your new all-way compact, although it is speculated that you can mount the 1.2 TCe 125 HP petrol supercharged Renault.

With respect to its platform, Lada has confirmed that XCode Concept is based on the same base that gives life to the Dacia Duster Russian. For this case, both the distance between the axles, as the traction 4×4 are kept, making Duster as the XCode Concept are car brothers.

once the end of the Hall of Moscow, in function of the host that has the concept, brand will set the deadlines to launch to the market its new all-way compact.

Source – Lada

Lada XCode Concept frontal
Lada XCode Concept vista superior trasera
Lada XCode Concept vista superior delantera
Lada XCode Concept trasera
Lada XCode Concept vista inferior trasera
Lada XCode Concept