The Lamborghini Aventador is already working on its facelift for the coming year


A facelift for the Aventador is on the way

Lamborghini is a brand that takes its time to launch to the market new products or renewals of the same. However six years ago that the Aventador was released and since then we’ve only seen new versions, but not a base model different. The next year will touch a face wash that we see today in the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

The unit testing of the Sant’agata Bolognese has been discovered in Spain, next to another Aventador from the current. The differences aesthetic jump out to the naked eye. Well it is true that there will be too many changes, but the righteous and necessary to keep the beast updated the face of their rivals.

we Observe a front bumper modified. With air intakes remodeled. The camouflage prevents us from discover all the existing changes, but if desprendiéramos part of him sure that we could find a central grill is bigger. Something necessary given the enormous cooling that you need the V12 that is installed.


The aesthetic changes will be focused on the bumpers, both front and rear

In terms of the side, we do not see any change, but yes in the rear, where once the bumper is the one that receives all the aesthetic changes. In this case it looks like the shots of refrigeration have changed, like the diffuser, and the exhaust central, which seems to be bigger than the current model.

Leaving aside the paragraph aesthetic is sure that Lamborghini enter changes in the interior of the new Aventador. Will not be exaggerated yes, but there are those, like technology, that will be updated to current standards. Although the italians don’t play that trick as they can make another brand more general.

In terms of power and performance you can expect an increase of power for the Lamborghini Aventador. As we have already said, the V12 will still be present, and the first information point to a raise of power that will be in the range between 20 and 40 horses. We know little more at the moment, will have to wait to your presentation, which will take place at the Geneva motor show next year.


Although the drive hunt was the Roadster, the Coupe will also have the same changes