The Lamborghini Centenary Roadster sells its entire production

Lamborghini Centenario frontal Lamborghini Centennial, in its configuration of the coupé, was presented to the public in the past Geneva motor show to commemorate the 100 years of the birth of Ferruccio Lamborghini. However, as any good work of art worth its salt, the Centenary needed his version roadster to be complete. Well, Lamborghini has presented at the Monterey Car Week the open version of the Centennial and has lasted less than a caramel in the door of a school.

If the twenty units with roof closed is sold in a seen and not seen, the open version not going to be less. The brand of Sant’agata Bolognese is going to manufacture of the Lamborghini Centenary Roadster only twenty units. These have been sold in the course of the event in which it has been presented to the public the model. Your final price has closed in two million euros more in taxes.

Lamborghini Centenario roadster traseraLamborghini to remove the roof of the Centennial coupe there has been increased effort. To do this, the brand’s engineers have worked out the structure of the car, by adding the necessary reinforcements to maintain the structural rigidity of the closed model. However, for the model does not increase weight, the reinforcements, like the chassis and the parts that make up the lower part of the body are carbon fiber. This makes the weight stay on 1.570 kg, 50 more than his brother closed.

– level aerodynamic, the Lamborghini Centenary Roadster incorporates elements that allow you to solve homelessness and optimize aerodynamics. To do this, we have modified the windshield, rear diffuser and the spoiler can be extended to 150 mm and rotated up to 15 degrees. In the interior have given to the seats of headrest integrated, in order to improve the circulation of air.

The mechanical that moves the Lamborghini Centario Roadster is the same as that used by the coupe. Used a V12 with 770 hp of power. With this motorization the Centenary Roadster covers the 0 to 100 km/h in 2,9 seconds (one tenth less than the coupe). Its maximum speed will exceed surely 350 km/h.

Source – Lamborghini