The Lamborghini faster on the face of the Earth more than 2,000 hp which have nightmares

Is this the world’s fastest Lamborghini? They say . Let us in situation. It is a Lamborghini Gallardo that according to their trainers exceeds 2,000 hp . What they have done to reach these figures? Underground Racing has installed one of its latest Twin Turbo house and all imaginable reinforcements in change and transmission to avoid it all go down the drain systems. The result, Lamborghini capable of reaching 379 km / h in half a mile (805 meters) and beat all records.

AMS Alpha Omega: a Nissan GT-R to rule them all

The preparation is based on a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera LP570 -4, 2011, that with its 570 horsepower is far from the more than 2,000 who have reached turbo with in this preparation.

No figures involved, enough to see us sometime video showing Underground Racing to understand that this is an amazing beast. I’ll take some details of this video we can see from the second 38 . For starters, how fast you spend the gears in their flying start. For two reasons. The brutality with climbing around and because it would hand in the fire saying that the driver is not even approaching the red line tachometer. Which perhaps understand seeing the ease with which loses traction when moving from third to fourth, and fourth to fifth, now moving closer to the court.


Source: Underground Racing | Track: GTSpirit
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AMS Alpha Omega: a Nissan GT-R to rule them all

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