The Lamborghini favorite of Ferruccio was a true unknown: this is the story of the Lamborghini Jarama

Ferruccio Lamborghini, without doubt one of the greatest personalities in racing of the past. The farmer who challenged Enzo Ferrari and built an empire of supercars, Miura and Countach were the champions international. We might think that the favorite car of Ferruccio was the luxurious 400GT or one of its supercars-mid-engine, but the true apple of his eye was the stranger, Lamborghini Jarama. Why Ferruccio preferred to this dynamic GT other spectacular creations of the brand?

328 units were built between 1970 and 1976, of which approximately half were versions GTS.

in an interview given In 1990 to Thoroughbred & Classic Car, Ferruccio Lamborghini had the why. Since the mid-70s, the Italian was not the brand, disenchanted by the economic difficulties arising from the problematic business of tractors and the oil crisis. With nostalgia, that summarized about the fantastic Lamborghini Jarama, of which only 328 units were produced between 1970 and 1976. Was the Lamborghini most exclusive and elusive ever produced, but not any less attractive.


Translated from the English: “I Preferred the Jarama with respect to the other Lamborghini because it is the perfect compromise between the Miura and the Espada. The Miura is a sport for the young at heart, who want to go fast, and enjoy being seen. Personally, the Miura was too extrovert after a while. The Sword was my Rolls-Royce: still fast, but large and comfortable. The Jarama is the perfect car if you just want to have a car.”

It is built on the platform modified Lamborghini Espada, with a more battle short.

At the end of the 60’s, Lamborghini need to redesign the Islero to be able to sell it properly in the us market. Took advantage of the investment that is necessary for to create their vision of the GT perfect. It was smaller and shorter than the Sword, but retained its powerful V12 engine and 2+2-seater. Designed by Marcello Giandini in Bertone, was born with strokes, aggressive, optical, semi-retractable and a masculine attitude. However, it was in no-man’s land before the prominence of the Miura and the solid reputation of the Sword.

lamborghini-jarama-historia-4Under its hood, it had a pointed V12 maximum power of 3.9 liters, fed by six Weber carburetors double body, developing a power of 350 HP at its debut in 1971, Nearly 100 HP per liter were impressive nearly 50 years ago. His power would be 365 HP when he premiered his version of the GTS in 1972 – also known as Lamborghini Jarama S – along with some details that improve its aesthetics. The Lamborghini Jarama weighed to 1,450 pounds, and was considered a Grand tourer rather than a sports true.

The prices in the auction of the Lamborghini Jarama not yet have exploded, reaching about $ 200,000 currently.

however, he had a performance outstanding thanks to its huge dose of power: he had a speed tip of almost 260 km/h. Formed part of a considerable amount of technical advances: it had a gearbox five relationships, discs brakes on all four wheels, power steering optional independent suspension on both axles. Of the 328 units produced by Lamborghini, 152 units correspond to the Jarama GTS. The personal copy of Ferruccio Lamborghini was a GTS, and is exhibited in the Museo Lamborghini.

Source: TS | R&T