The Lamborghini GTE will see the light if there is a convergence with GT3


Much has been talked about the possibility of seeing a Lamborghini in the category GTE-Pro of the WEC. Both from the brand itself have not hidden their interest. However, the Head of Squadra Corse and Giorgio Sanna, has explained that Lamborghini will only make this step if there is convergence between the regulations GTE and GT3, something that today seems more distant than ever. In this aspect, the brand wants to consolidate their project with the Lamborghini Hurricane GT3 and arises only land in the World of Resistance if there is a single platform to reduce costs and increase flexibility.

We have to look at in the next few years as you move the convergence GT. It is important for us not need to create different vehicles GT. We believe that a GT car common is the future, and a common platform between GT3 and GTE is the way to go explains Giorgio Sanna when asked about the rumors that point to the arrival of Lamborghini to the WEC, a fact that would not occur before 2019. “in The end, it is important to know how to move this convergence between the manufacturers, the FIA and the promoters such as the ACO or IMSA. We have two or three years to keep running with the GT3 and evaluate potential new categories”.


In this aspect, the Sanna recognizes that the project
sporty of Lamborghini needs to grow gradually, despite the chants of
siren has been sounded in recent months: I’m the first one that I want
run in Le Mans
, but there is that step forward. It is not a technical problem,
but the structure must meet a few stages because otherwise we run the
risk of collapse. When we talk about the dream of going to Le Mans, many of
our customers or pilot dream to see us there. Of the time, we are here for
support them and we will wait for the right moment

finally, Giorgio Sanna ruled out any prototype more
beyond the GT, at least for the moment, however much the philosophy of the brand
consists in always advancing: “Today, the GT3 is the last step to
Lamborghini. it Is clear that in the future we can’t wait to stay here.
We work to grow and create new opportunities for young riders. But
I insist, there is still to go step by step. it Is too soon to speak of a
new program at the top of the pyramid
, but keep in
note that it is possible that it may make in the future”.