The Lamborghini Hurricane LP 580-2 is desmelena on video, and shows us how to drift with their rear-wheel drive

how Many times have we seen a Lamborghini in recent years to present a car praising his ability to drift, to star-cross heart attack? Really few. That is why the arrival of a new Lamborghini rear-wheel-drive is not a reason for jubilation, and a special interest for the lovers of sports, like us, and even more for those who are considering purchasing a supercar in 2016. From Sant’agata comes to us the first video of the Lamborghini Hurricane LP 580-2, all a declaration of intentions about the Hurricane rear wheel drive.

The Lamborghini Hurricane LP 580-2 is the unique Lamborghini, after the Gallardo Valentino Balboni and other versions derived, which is currently sold with rear-wheel drive.

I Already said it is not common that Lamborghini sell your sports using the argument of your ability to drift. But the truth is that there is nothing common that Lamborghini might launch a sporty rear-wheel-drive. The Hurricane represents a new milestone in the range Lamborghini, after those years of the Gallardo Valentino Balboni (who was the first Gallardo to market with rear-wheel drive), and the versions all ago that they would be embarking on the final stretch of their marketing.

Nor is it usual that in a promotional video of Lamborghini its sporty spend as much time cross on the curve. A new statement of intent that reminds us why the Hurricane LP 580-2 is, in short, the Hurricane of the purists of driving, and probably the cheapest of the range.

The slogan used by Lamborghini for this campaign is that “technology to enjoy”. What will be so amazing this Lamborghini as we have the italians?

Source: Lamborghini
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