The Lamborghini Hurricane of propulsion will be presented in Los Angeles


we will See the Hurricane of propulsion in Los Angeles

we Were the only european media, and the only Spanish, who in March published a few photos spies of a Lamborghini Hurricane that along to some statements of the CEO of the brand, identifying it as the version of “rear wheel drive“that would be added to the range in the near future.

would Save approximately 65 Kg of weight

in Addition, according to the statements of the CEO, the propulsion would go to the Lamborghini for two models, one basic and another for a model of very high performance. Now it seems that are serious and the first Hurricane of propulsion, is next to be submitted. It will be offered with bodywork coupe and later, in roadster. We already know that at least the version of roof closed, will be presented in the future Hall of Los Angeles.

Leaving aside the all-wheel drive, the version of propulsion will weigh a bit less, some 65 kg less and for to make it more attractive in the face to customers, is likely to make a limited run, as it did with the Gallardo LP550-2, or equip with some detail aesthetic differentiator, as a spoiler, more prominent, or some detail of customization, only one is even considering the option of a slight increase in power.