The Lamborghini Hurricane Performant giving a lap at Imola video


Prototype of the new Hurricane Performant.

The new Hurricane Performante will be one of the biggest attractions of the forthcoming Geneva. Up to now, we have been able to see a few prototypes rolling during their testing, and their first images of the interior’s final model.

These images were taken during a brief encounter of the model with some international media and today we can already see one of the videos that were recorded at that time. On this occasion of the publication Sport Auto Sport, raced at the circuit of Imola.

as we know, the new Hurricane Performante will be the Lamborghini fastest in history, at least on the circuit of N├╝rburgring, as it was the brand itself that revealed recently, to lead the own Aventador Superveloce, which held the best time behind the Porsche 918 Spyder, only 2 seconds and 73 thousandths faster than the Aventador. does The Performante will be beaten also to the German model?, we also we ask that question.

The own Porsche 918 is considered (unofficially) the production model of the fastest in the circuit, since the official leaderboard of the Ring is only surpassed by two models of Radical, two trays designed to track day but they are matriculables and are also built in short numbers, so the Porsche can not be considered the production model faster. Maybe we can consider it to the vehicle with a cabin welcoming a more rapid circuit, at least until the presentation of the new Performante.

The secret of this new variant of the Hurricane can be found in a new technical approach. A slight increase of power – between 25 and 40 HP some say – and lower weight, but we’re also going to find substantial improvements in the rack.

The new suspension adaptive has been described as the best of the brand, and the model will have elements of the aerodynamic active. This system is called Aerodynamica Lamborghini Attiva, and features a rear wing mobile capable of moving the force generated by the air from one side to the other of the car in the curves. So as not to increase the weight and a faster response, not used to hydraulic circuits, but to small electric motors.


Recreation of the new Hurricane Performant.

The modifications of this version are going to be very deep, both
level mechanical and frame, so it is not surprising an increasing
performance as beastly as he announces the brand.