The Lamborghini Hurricane Performante could have beaten the record of the Nürburgring


The new Performing in the Ring.

last October, Lamborghini was seen testing the new Hurricane Performing in the circuit of Nürburgring, although, officially, the brand has revealed, for the moment, the nature of such tests, which initially boasted of development.

In fact, several days after you were showing photos spies of those days of testing on the circuit, in German, in which I loved a Hurricane modified and heavily camouflaged. This was fitted with a new finish to front and the huge rear wing, that today we already know that it is active.

Months after, by the same brand revealed the pump, the new Hurricane Performante was faster that the Aventador Superveloce at the ‘Ring, although not stated, the time obtained. If we are to believe the official table of times on the German track, we can see what is really rapid that it has been the new Performant, since the clock of the Aventador SV is already one of the fastest up ahora.

Puesto Modelo Tiempo
1 Radical SR8LM 6:48.00
2 Radical SR8 6:55.00
3 Porsche 918 Spyder 6:57.00
4 Lamborghini Aventador SV 6:59.73
5 Nio EP9 (prototype) 7:05.12

It should be noted that these are the best official times for production vehicles, and since the models of Radical, despite the fact that they are matriculables, are merely vehicles of competition to the full, for many, the true best time of a vehicle from the street is the done by the Porsche 918 Spyder, as the hiperdeportivo hybrid German has a structure and passenger compartment more own a tourism of one barqueta racing.

The time of the German model is not too far from the made by the Aventador, so that it would not be surprising that it would also have been beaten in those days of the past month of October.

For the moment we must stick to the facts, the next 23 of February
the Italian brand will make an announcement related to the new Hurricane
, and the teaser clearly indicates that it has something to do with the
circuit German. What will be actually Performing the sport faster
in the green hell?, in a few days we will know.