The Lamborghini most powerful hurricane in the world can not with the Nissan GT-R: 4,100 dueling video CV

King of the Streets. Acceleration event in Texas, basically a quarter mile released in which cars that set is faster. Competing machines – under strict invitation – are preparations maximum level based on sports and supercars . For maximum I mean prepared by machines AMS Performance or Underground Racing , with powers that usually break the 2,000 hp. And yes, they are still street cars. Glups. Today we bring you a very high octane duel.

The protagonist of this video is a Lamborghini Hurricane . Its fantastic engine 5.2 V10 atmosphere has been massaged by a twin-turbo system, so instead of throwing 610 hp, has more than three times that power. We talked about no less than 2,100 hp . A dizzying figure of power, which the had to do with less powerful cars, but all of them with more than 1,000 hp under the hood. A LaFerrari would have nothing to do against high-flying these machines and huge overfeeding.

But he has found his match. In this case, the AMS Perfomance GT-R Alpha Omega , the GT-R more powerful and devastating on the face of the earth. A machine capable of 2,000 hp quarter-mile in less than eight seconds, wiping any competitor. Nor he has had mercy on this Lamborghini. [1.99901 million]

In motor AMS Alpha Omega: a Nissan GT-R to rule them all

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