The Lamborghini that never existed: a single Concept S auction manufactured

How much would you pay to put in your garage a real prototype Lamborghini? That is the question that has launched RM Sotheby’s to announce auction only Lamborghini Concept S that was manufactured after appearing at the Geneva Motor Show 2005. This is a real rarity based in Lamboghini Gallardo and tried to become a limited edition to bring to market a body in the style of the Mille Miglia. But Lamborghini never get to make more than one unit because of its high cost , which now allows you to be worth almost 2.6 million euros .


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Much more than a Lamborghini Gallardo homeless. A pure barchetta with a single functional built

Although at first glance it might seem that this is a Lamborghini Gallardo more than just roof has been omitted, the Lamborghini Concept S wanted to show the ability to develop and commercialize Lamborghini limited editions. We talked about authentic barchetta designed by Luc Donckerwolke to teach for the first time how it could be the Gallardo Spyder . The Concept S has physical separation between the two front seats, its retro look, and has no possibility of installing windshield or roof to protect its occupants.

After a great success of public and first Lamborghini intends to launch a production of 100 units, the Lamborghini Concept S ran into the harsh reality of the one-off. exorbitant costs, the need to introduce a major redesign to get approval and a reduced functionality, eventually persuade Lamborghini Concept S for the production never reached . Never?

lamborghini-concept-s-110715-02 Finally Lamborghini confirmed that no production of the Lamborghini Concept S, although this was not entirely true. Two units were created a non motor domes surround glass that currently rests in the museum Lamborghini and a second unit with chassis number 001, minimum glazing and fully functional it will now be auctioned on November 18 by RM Sotheby’s for a price of 2 1 and 2.6 million.

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